Benefits of having your own "white label" tracking software

The benefits of having your own Global AVL "white label" tracking software

  • Experience. Global AVL has over a decade of experience in different markets providing geolocation services to clients in real time. We set the trend for today's usability and functionality in a changing market that requires constant adaptation to new technologies and needs.
  • Customer loyalty. Our "white label" software is fully customized with our customers' corporate image in various levels of detail. Have your own logo, domain access, institutional colors, email addresses, and other usage details such as language, time zone, and local geographic information.
  • No investment. The SaaS (Software as a Service) model allows you to only pay for the vehicles registered with the service. No investments are needed for server structures, safety, technical employees or any other fixed cost. With Global AVL, you can control your costs at all times.
  • Scalable. Have a web location solution without worrying about the hardware resources needed to accommodate fleets of various sizes. Our Cloud structure
  • Independence from GPS hardware. Have the freedom to select the GPS devices that are most suitable to the requirements of your customers at all times. We have more than 500 integrated models, and new integrations are free for our customers.
  • Immediate Service. With our deployment technology, you can have your own platform for tracking and managing vehicles or people within 72 hours. At Global AVL, we believe that the most important thing is to be reactive to the needs of our customers, and we put the chance to offer excellent service to your customers immediately within your reach.
  • Security. Have the most advanced security components for encrypted web access, high-availability of all components, real-time backups, and a series of logs to help control and manage your operators and users.
  • Global Presence. Present your brand in any market, country, or region. Global AVL offers the ability to customize access types for each of its users.
  • Steady growth. Every one of our service-providing customers benefits from continuous updates to our location platform. Each of the new features we develop will be available at no additional cost.
  • Continuous support. Rely on 24/7 technical support to resolve any technical issues with the service.
  • Connectivity. Connect your location software with other external applications or clients using our powerful API. Have interconnected management, accounting, security or human resources software with the same real-time information at all times.


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