Assure your customers with a service that's always online

The technological architecture that provides its guests with Global AVL is composed of elements with multiple surpluses that ensure high availability for operation, backups for data that is received and processed in real time, and the ability to have 24/7 technical support.
At Global AVL, we believes that reliability is shown by a 100% level of service, and that is why we make constant investments that allow us to ensure operation is at a speed unmatched in environments of redundant and balanced operation.

Our tracking service performs millions of transactions a day, each one stored in different backups for each stage of the process.

Employed security features on our GPS Tracking Software:

  • Back-up data centers in different countries
  • Virtualized and physical servers with spare capacity for continuous processing
  • Set of unique IPs
  • High availability and surplus in DNS
  • Control of used domains
  • Automatic activation of latent surpluses
  • Early warning control
  • Multiple balance of data processing
  • Independent back-up of raw and processed data