Multiple fuel tank control on vehicle tracking system

Fuel control is one of the most common features in the management of vehicle fleets. Usually information related to the remaining fuel, autonomy and the average consumption of each vehicle is offered.

As additional added value, information also usually indicates when fuel is loaded and also if there have been thefts or robberies detected by varying fuel levels in a given period of time.


But what happens when vehicles have more than one fuel tank?

A vehicle configuration with more than one fuel tank is common in heavy vehicles, allocating up to three tanks for consumption for the vehicle itself and for additional features such as refrigerated trailers.

At Global AVL, we have developed an individual fuel tank control system that allows the use of all information on vehicle consumption, as a group or individually regardless of the number of existing fuel tanks.



The main functionality offered in controlling multiple fuel tanks
  • Dynamic report with information on volumes, capacities and consumption
  • Theft detection and fuel tank refills alerts
  • Personalized configuration of each tank, taking into account the type of tank, its shape and the type of probe used.
  • Weighting data according to the user-defined hierarchy
  • Calibration Assistant in the vehicle installation process


Time Line Report for multiple tanks

Control multiple fuel tanks time line report


Map with events location

Map with events location to control multiple fuel tanks


Street view of events

Street view of events to control multiple fuel tanks