Introducing driver’s behaviour monitoring in your fleet

Introducing driver’s behaviour monitoring in your fleet

Driver's behavior monitoring has a lot of different advantages. But drivers not always agree to being monitored. Here are some ways to help them get used to it.


Benefits of driver’s behaviour monitoring

Driver's behavior monitoring has a great deal of advantages. If the central management gets information about drivers in real time, they can create strategies to improve the efficiency of the entire fleet. To start, fuel is saved, because accelerations and abrupt braking, as well as inefficient gear shifts and "idling time" can be reduced. On the other hand, monitoring the behavior of the drivers makes it possible to know if the vehicles are properly maintained in order to extend their useful life. If the vehicles are in good condition and the drivers do not perform sudden actions, they also reduce accidents.


Different studies suggest that the main cause of 90% of traffic accidents is a human error. Whether it is a distraction or an improper behaviour, monitoring driver's actions reduces the possibility of a traffic accident. And if accidents are reduced, they also prevent material and personal damage. Therefore, the company can invest capital, time and effort in improving strategies and services, instead of repairing avoidable damages. Last but not least, a Fleet Management Software with driver's behavior monitoring system is a good basis for reducing insurance fees and taxes.


Introducing drivers to behaviour monitoring

Given all these advantages, it is normal that companies’ managements want to introduce a driver's behavior monitoring system. But drivers do not always agree. It is common for drivers to refuse to be observed. On many occasions they perceive that monitoring their behavior is a sign of distrust from their superiors. That is why it is important that they become familiar with the new system to be introduced and that they perfectly understand the advantages and improvements that they will obtain. If drivers understand that the driver's behavior monitoring system aims to improve the whole operation of the company, they will be less reluctant to adopt it.


To achieve this, it is useful to explain to all employees that the driver's behavior monitoring system helps them in the execution of their daily work. Fuel savings and longer vehicle life have a direct impact on facilitating their activities. In addition, introducing a driver's behavior monitoring system is a great opportunity to motivate drivers to do their job better. Gamification and competition techniques can be introduced so that employees strive to always achieve the best results, for themselves and for the whole company. If they see an award for their effort and good job, they will be more propense to do better at their workplace.



Driver's behavior monitoring systems have these advantages and many more. From savings and better results for the entire fleet to individual awards for good performance for drivers. If you want to find the driver's behavior monitoring system that best suits your company or want more information, do not hesitate to visit our Telematic consulting page, and ask for the help you need. Begin to save money and time for your business as soon as possible and enjoy the advantages of having full control over your fleet.