How can GPS vehicle tracking help you reduce labour costs?

How can GPS vehicle tracking help you reduce labour costs?

Labour costs represent a large part of a fleet's budget. Fortunately, GPS vehicle tracking can help you reduce these costs and turn your business into a more efficient company.



4 aspects in which GPS vehicle tracking helps you reducing labour costs

More efficient scheduling

Much of the time of the drivers of any fleet corresponds to the waiting between one assignment and another. Thanks to GPS vehicle tracking we can reduce these idle times. With this technology the fleet manager can always know where the vehicles are and cross that data with the planned trips and those that arise at any time. In this way, it is possible to calculate more efficient routes avoiding so much that the drivers arrive late, as they spend too much time without doing any activity.

Less overtime

Overtime is a great way to increase fleet productivity, but if not done efficiently, it can be counterproductive. Usually overtime costs more than the normal working hours and some workers may try to take advantage of that fact. In addition, working too many hours can result in excessive driver fatigue and rapid vehicle wear and tear, putting worker and fleet safety at stake. For that reason it is advisable to use a GPS vehicle tracking system that helps us organize our fleet in such a way that the overtime is few and efficient.


Take the step and incorporate GPS tracking to your company

More team stability

As a consequence of the above said, GPS vehicle tracking technology helps us to create teams of workers both efficient and satisfied with their work. In this way we avoid another great labour cost that is usually given in the fleets: the hiring and training of new employees. With a small initial effort we can get a team of workers who have enough experience to be efficient and productive. In addition, with a reasonable amount of overtime per month, employees will not want to change jobs, avoiding the loss of time and money involved in training new workers.

Identify positive trends and efficient workers.

Last but not least, a fleet tracking software can help any fleet manager identify the positive trends and the most efficient employees. This way you can repeat the behaviors that save time and money and reward the employees who have done their best at their workplace.

These two elements are key so that the saving in labour costs is not a punctual fact, but a trend that extends over time. Even if it is necessary to make an investment or give a cash prize to the best workers, the labour cost is still lower than if you don't use any system.


These are some of the ways in which a fleet manager can reduce the labour costs of your business, but there are many more. Do not hesitate to install a GPS vehicle tracking software in your fleet to start saving from the first day. The benefits of having one of these systems are in the long run a big difference for any fleet, regardless of size or activity.