The new trends in vehicle telematics

The new trends in vehicle telematics

Vehicle telematics is an ever changing sector. For this reason today we want to talk about the new trends in telematics that fleet managers will soon want for their own fleets.



This is how the future of vehicle telematics looks like

Connectivity and Internet of Things

Vehicle telematics used to be a unilateral GPS tracking activity, in which the fleet manager knew the whereabouts of the fleet vehicles. But with the introduction of IoT technology now the communication takes place in both directions and allows a great development of the fleet and a considerable increase of the productivity. The vehicles themselves are equipped with sensors and other tools that allow them to know what is happening around them and transmit it to the fleet manager that makes relevant decisions with all the information available.


Fleet management is no longer carried out from a desk in an office. The development in the technologies of vehicle telematics allows a fleet manager to carry out their activity from any place and at any time thanks to the applications for smartphones and tablets. This results in increased efficiency and a complete paradigm shift in the sector. In the future, the fleet manager will be able to accompany the workers while performing their job to gather information, to know the activity of their workers in the state of the roads or facilities.


Do not wait any longer to integrate these trends into your vehicle telematics system


Perhaps the most important trend that will take vehicle telematics to the future is the improvement of the user experience when interacting with fleet management applications and software. Applications are becoming easier and more comfortable to use. The providers of telematic vehicles work to reduce the time that the manager spends in the application. Other elements such as voice recognition or automation of behaviors and tasks are also included. Fleet managers are grateful for the fact that the data collected through GPS tracking is shown in a simple and orderly manner, which cuts down the large amount of hours spent among graphics and data.

Better integration networks

Finally, if we talk about trends in vehicle telematics, we can not fail to mention the improvement in connections and networks. Without the breakthroughs of 3G and 4G networks all the above mentioned trends would still be science fiction. In the same way, having an API begins to be essential for fleet managers who want to have a simple and orderly view of the data that their systems collect. Companies of any size begin to benefit from these integration tools and put them at the service of their fleets with spectacular results.


Now is your turn. Which of these trends are already present in your company and which ones would you like to implement in the future? Do not wait any longer and take advantage of all the breakthroughs that vehicle telematics technology puts at your disposal and that of your business. Do not hesitate to consult us if you want more information or a customized solution for your fleet.