How geofencing can improve your fleet management

How geofencing can improve your fleet management

Fleet managers can benefit a lot from geofencing to improve the management of their vehicles. Let's see what geofencing is and what applications this technology has.


What is geofencing?

Geofencing is the technology based on GPS that allows us to establish an invisible perimeter that our vehicles cannot abandon or cannot enter. Thanks to this technology the fleet manager can create a closed area. The area can have any shape and size. This area can be both an area that vehicles can not abandon. It can be alsos a place where vehicles are forbidden to enter. The use of this technology has great advantages for fleet-based businesses that want to increase both their productivity and their safety. Preventing robbery, controlling arrivals and departures or decreasing expenses on insurances are some of them.


Anti-theft protection of fleet vehicles

The most obvious use of geofencing is to protect our vehicles from theft. Once the perimeter is established, we can control the unauthorized output of the vehicles. If we detect suspicious activity in the area we have established, we can alert the authorities as soon as possible. Stolen vehicles, and the loads they can carry, are one of the biggest losses for a fleet-based business. By using geofencing we can avoid these big losses and gain in security.


Control arrival and departure times without having to sign

Thanks to geofencing we can get rid of timesheets once and for all. Drivers no longer need to clock in each time they arrive or leave. If we establish a perimeter thanks to geofencing, we can control their activity easily and effectively. At a glance, we can know who arrives at our facility and when. We can also control which vehicle leaves the perimeter and at what time. In this way we can also educate our drivers and improve their behavior during working hours. The more efficient our workers and vehicles are, the more benefits our company can obtain at the end of the year.


Reduction of costs related to liability and insurances

Vehicle insurance in our fleet is a large part of the cost of our business. But it is possible to decrease what we spend on insurance annually. If we implement systems of security and protection of our vehicles, like geofencing, we can reduce the fees of our vehicles’ insurances. Geofencing can also be very useful for reducing liability costs. In case one of our vehicles is involved in an accident or malpractice, we will have at hand all the data related to the event. In this way, we can reduce to the maximum the costs related to this type of incidents.


As you can see, geofencing has many benefits for fleet manager. GPS tracking and geofencing can help you reduce many costs, while increasing your productivity and efficiency. Both your drivers and your vehicles will appreciate having such a useful tool at their disposal. If you want to know more about GPS tracking technology, do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer all your questions.