How to increase drivers' safety and productivity

How to increase drivers' safety and productivity

Increasing the productivity of drivers in our fleet is essential to the benefits of our company. But we cannot do this by going above and beyond the security measures. Read on to learn how we can increase drivers' safety and productivity.


Why is it important to increase the safety and productivity of drivers at the same time?

The productivity of the employees of our company is sometimes our sole objective. We wish that they can carry out all possible orders and in the shortest possible time. But the pressure we put on them can lead them to drive recklessly or even dangerously. For this reason, it is important to pay the same attention to the safety and productivity of drivers. This fact is especially relevant for fleet managers who wish to increase the profits of the company and also reduce the costs of traffic accidents.


Finding a balance between drivers' safety and productivity

Fortunately, today's fleet managers have various tools that allow them to pay attention to both drivers' safety and productivity. Thanks to the GPS tracking of their vehicles, fleet managers can create optimal routes. This translates into more flexible and adequate schedules. In this way, we take pressure away from drivers, who are no longer engaged in dangerous behaviors like tailgating, speeding, running yellow or red lights, or sudden lane changes. Thanks to a GPS tracking system, the fleet manager can analyze the data of their vehicles. Knowing the behavior of each driver allows to identify dangerous behaviors and stop them before a tragic outcome occurs.


Educating Drivers

Fleet managers are not solely responsible for managing employee schedules. Drivers themselves can also sometimes be overly demanding with the amount of work they want to do during a working day. That is why it is necessary to educate them in the balance between drivers’ productivity and security. They themselves should be able to organize their tasks in such a way that they have time cushions for emergencies. In many cases, it is better to perform fewer tasks, but to do it properly, safely, and without incurring in unnecessary expenses caused by road accidents or traffic tickets.


The bottom line

At the end of the day, the bottom line is what everybody is looking at. Both drivers' safety and productivity influence that figure and we should pay them the same attention. In fact, driver safety is not just a matter of preserving the driver's physical integrity. This area also includes damages caused to other people, the cost of repairing company vehicles, the increase of insurance fees, or traffic fines that need to be paid as a result of aggressive or dangerous behavior.


For this and for many other reasons, a fleet manager must have all the existing tools. Only in this way can you manage all of your vehicles in such a way that drivers do not feel the need to break the law to carry out their daily work. Keep your drivers and your fleet safe and productive with the latest tools at your disposal.