4 inexpensive ways to reward your drivers

4 inexpensive ways to reward your drivers

We are always talking about improving employee productivity, implementing Eco Driving behaviours, or saving fuel. But all these efforts end up falling on the drivers. For this reason it is important to show them that they are important to the company. Read on to discover 4 inexpensive ways to reward your drivers.


1. Gamification and employee of the month

Implementing a gamification system in your company can be a fantastic way to reward your employees. Thanks to a GPS tracking system it is very easy to determine which employees incorporate desirable behaviours in their work day and achieve the proposed objectives. There are many "inexpensive ways to reward your drivers" when they are competent. You do not need to give an expensive gift or a large amount of money. Recognition before others and a small detail is enough to make them feel better.


2. Vacations for the best drivers

Any employee appreciates a little more time off work and with their family. That's why another of the inexpensive ways to reward your drivers is to give them extra days off. Thanks to your GPS tracking system you can always know which drivers reach or exceed the quarterly, semi-annual or annual objectives. These drivers can receive a few days off more than the others. Although it seems counterproductive, in reality, a rested and fresh minded employee is what any company needs to keep moving towards their goals.


3. Let them take the vehicle home

The company car is one of the advantages that many employees are looking for when accepting a job. This is another of the inexpensive ways to reward your drivers and outstanding employees. Thanks to your GPS tracking system your vehicles will be safe. You will always know where you are and you can prevent fraud while your employees feel happy to have an advantage on the part of their employer.


4. Celebrations in the office

The nature of the driver's work can make employees feel alone and isolated. That's why our last suggestion for inexpensive ways to reward your drivers and create team spirit is to have a party at the office. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a celebration. A free meal, a few decorations and some cheerful music is enough to create a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, in this way the drivers will be able to know each other and strengthen ties to work as a true team rather than as the sum of many individuals.


Here are some of our suggestions for inexpensive ways to reward your drivers who properly meet their daily work. Remember that every employee in the company is like a muscle in the body. The strength of all of them together is what makes the company advance. That is why it is important that those who stand out receive recognition and feel welcome in the company. Do not let your best employees go away because you failed to recognize them when they did the most for your fleet. Take advantage of your "GPS tracking system" to lighten the task of evaluating drivers. Begin to establish a rewards system and "make your fleet become leader".