How vehicle tracking software can increase safety on the roads

How vehicle tracking software can increase safety on the roads

The evidence is clear as to how vehicle tracking software can improve driving style and efficiency. Cutting maintenance and fuel costs are an added benefit. But what about safety on the roads?.


How can vehicle tracking software help?

Using telematics has long been a measure used to monitor fleet performance. Now, with new technology, we can go further by using software to keep an eye on progress. Thanks to software by Global AVL, mobiles can now be used to track vehicle movements. This is essential for "maintaining safety for your fleet".


Using this software means you no longer have to wait to hear of an accident. By using vehicle tracking software, you can take action to solve problems before they happen.


Let´s take a practical example. Driver fatigue is a real worry these days. By "using GPS tracking", you can see exactly when a driver began and ended their day. This will also include rest breaks. By monitoring how much time a driver spends on the road, you can adjust their schedule accordingly.


Another main worry for a service provider is damage to the fleet and it´s freight. Using vehicle tracking software immediately eliminates this problem as you can follow a driver´s whereabouts. This allows you to see if a driver made an unscheduled stop, where and for how long. If any damage is incurred during this time, you can pinpoint exactly when and where it happened. This will also allow you to take preventative measures in the future.


Dangerous driving and fleet management

The biggest concern for many fleet managers is bis. the safety of their drivers and those on the roads. With vehicle tracking software, it is entirely possible to view this online. If a driver is speeding and is issued with a fine, you do not have to wait until you receive the bill itself. By monitoring driving style, you can prevent any type of bad driving behavior.


This also goes for so-called "hard driving or bad driving". For example, hard acceleration, braking and turning. All of these can be especially dangerous for other drivers and an insurance nightmare, if an accident does occur. Managing your fleet remotely increases driver awareness and will also place responsibility at their hands. Knowing their driving will be watched ensures the safety of your fleet, it´s cargo, your drivers and others on the road.


Looking to the future, vehicle tracking software can provide a detailed report to each driver about their style. By so doing, they can pinpoint areas of improvement. This will make the roads a safer place for them and for others in the future.


If an accident does occur, from an insurance standpoint, vehicle tracking software is indispensable. You will have proof of exactly how an accident occurred, when and where. This can protect your company from pay-outs thanks to false claims by third parties.


The technology can seem confusing. However, installing vehicle tracking software throughout your fleet can prevent accidents on the road. As "a fleet manager", this must be your number one priority.