Common misconceptions about vehicle tracking software

Common misconceptions about vehicle tracking software

Often, when a fleet manager installs new vehicle tracking software to a fleet, he can be met with negativity. Why? There are several reasons for this. Here are "some common misconceptions and how to avoid them".


Trust and vehicle tracking software

The simple fact is many drivers will automatically assume that they are untrustworthy. This is not the case in reality, of course. However by using vehicle tracking software, the first reaction from drivers is one of negativity. Many will feel that Big Brother is watching them, and honest mistakes will be punished. Perhaps the idea of driver monitoring is not that favorable to your drivers.


However, the truth could not be more different. Vehicle tracking software "has been proven to increase driver safety whilst on the roads". Their jobs can also be made more efficient. Routes can be planned and adapted in real time, which can save a driver´s frustration if they are stuck in traffic. By having effective routes planned, they can also improve relations with customers. It is also possible for their time to be managed effectively, completing more drop-offs for example. The frustration of getting lost, being stuck in traffic or simply driving for hours is reduced with effective planning. This is possible thanks to vehicle tracking software.


Let´s not forget that whilst the fleet manager will have all the data of their drivers, this may help should a complaint arise. Vehicle fleet tracking software may protect a driver rather than hinder them.


Vehicle tracking software is not worth the money

This is a very common complaint that often arises. However, it is entirely wrong. Cost saving is increased exponentially by using fleet management software. By speculating now, fleets will accumulate in the future. As we have seen, vehicle tracking software can help fleets save on fuel and maintenance costs, by using effective route planning. “Drivers can be more productive”, which ramps up revenue for companies.


Many fleet managers say that this can be achieved with using mobile GPS technology. However, you only have to consider your own practices with your mobile phone to know that is not the case. Phones can be lost, stolen or simply forgotten. The "software” is slightly more primitive, unreliable and is dependant on signal. It also remains to be said that phones can be switched off. Remote, in-vehicle tracking does not allow for this. Therefore, it is much more reliable and entirely worth the money. Remember, mobile phones will be carried on a person, so what is being tracked are your staff. It is not necessarily the vehicle. Indeed, this negates any argument about lack of privacy from drivers. It is your assets you are protecting first and foremost. It is not spyware.


Furthermore, "vehicle tracking software provides essential data for the fleet". This will help with cost, maintenance and driver safety. It is a clear argument that this is worth any investment. Forget misconceptions and believe in the future of your fleet.


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