Can vehicle tracking software increase profit?

Can vehicle tracking software increase profit?

Vehicle tracking software can certainly improve productivity and lower costs. But can it actually increase the profit of your fleet? The answer is yes and we are going to show you how.


Vehicle tracking software benefits

Controlling your costs is always at the forefront of "a fleet manager´s" mind. You may have this already under control. However, the next hurdle to overcome is that of actually increasing profit. However, with vehicle tracking software it is entirely possible.


Let´s start with drivers. After reviewing their productivity and deciding on an in-vehicle tracker, you may be able to enhance their workload. By doing so, your drivers will be more efficient. Efficiency creates profit. But how? The transparency of driving is key. With vehicle tracking software, you can plan routes, delivery windows and reduce wait times. This will mean that your drivers can cover distances more effectively, leaving them open to an expanded taskload. Furthermore, "if a customer is happy with your service" thanks to your efficiency, they will reuse your services. This, and word of mouth recommendation, will enhance your profitability.


Whilst cutting costs may not directly contribute to raised profits, it will certainly assist. Lower maintenance and lower fuel costs will allow your fleet to be road-worthy for longer. This can allow you to follow new business avenues. Building a reputation is fundamental for increasing profit, and fleet tracking software is a step towards that.


Vehicle tracking software and protection

The client is the window to the world of profitability. By using vehicle tracking software, the fleet data is updated in real-time. What does this mean for profit? It means that whilst humans can be fallible, the software is not. Driver tracking, route planning and fuel cost can be carefully observed. This also allows greater transparency for the customer. Knowing that a fleet performance is monitored by software can increase their level of trust in the company. This signals the possibility of return customers. Not only that, but also new customers.


Moving forwards, it is also possible to increase profit through asset protection. Having a real-time update on a vehicle´s whereabouts is essential. By customizing the “software”, it is possible to see the moment that a vehicle is moved. An alert can be sounded and GPS will track the vehicle´s movements. Protecting the fleet from theft is one way to increase reliability and roadworthiness. Having vehicles constantly on the move will mean that business continues as normal without any unscheduled interruptions. This directly contributes to profitability by keeping routes open and eliminating delays.


Times are changing and the world is fast becoming smarter. It makes business sense for a fleet to take advantage of these technological changes. By so doing, they are opening up to new potential. "Potential means development and development means profit".


The way forward is clear. By investing in vehicle tracking software, you can increase profits significantly. For more information on vehicle tracking software products, please visit Global AVL.