Can GPS help fleet security?

Can GPS help fleet security?

GPS tracking software has a multitude of benefits. From cost-cutting, profitability and eco-consciousness, GPS can also be used to maintain fleet security. Let´s see how.


In-vehicle tracking and fleet security

Let´s address the issue of theft. Fleets are extremely prone to suffer from theft. This should be at the forefront of any fleet manager´s mind. Using GPS tracking, you can monitor fleet security from afar. How does this happen?


From setting up alerts, you can track the movement of vehicles at any time. By viewing if a vehicle is moving outside of hours, you are immediately alerted to any unaccounted action. This will also help you to track "driver behaviour". By reducing the time a vehicle is spent doing out of hours work, you will promote good driver habits and cut costs. You will also reduce the likelihood of a vehicle being stolen. If you can keep an eye on your assets, you know that theft can be prevented.


If a vehicle begins to move out of hours or on an unplanned route, you can track the vehicle in real-time. This will be of great advantage when it comes to preventing and solving theft. You will know at any one time exactly where your assets are. This is integral to fleet security. Providing up to date and current information to the authorities is essential. This will be of enormous help in recovering your vehicle.


In the unfortunate case of a vehicle being stolen, "GPS vehicle tracking can help to minimize the cost". It might also provide you with some useful tips on fleet security for the future.


Further tips for fleet security

Furthermore, GPS technology can also allow you to take advantage of geo-fencing. This is crucial for fleet security. Not only by tracking out of hours movement, you can also set a virtual fence for your vehicles. You will receive notifications if a vehicle passes out of this zone. This can help to monitor vehicles in the case of theft. "We can also encourage better driver behaviour".


It is occasionally impossible to prevent theft but if we can minimise the consequences of it, fleet security will be greatly improved.


It can also be possible to adjust the settings so that drivers are equipped with ID to log in to their in-vehicle system. Unauthorized use becomes automatically prohibited, as vehicles can only be driven by their designated drivers. Establishing scheduled alerts will help a fleet manager to stay on top of this. Monitoring your fleet has never been easier and more effective. By minimizing the risk of theft, you protect assets and also cut future incurred costs.


Nowadays, insurance companies have hopped on the bandwagon. They may even offer discounts if you have “GPS tracking installed in your fleet”. It is time to acknowledge that GPS is a worthy investment for any fleet. It is also time to take advantage of all that "this service can do for you and your fleet".


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