Why should you choose fleet tracking software over manual methods?

Why should you choose fleet tracking software over manual methods?

It is clear that fleet tracking software is essential for any savvy fleet these days. However, there may be some reasons to choose software that you haven´t thought about yet!


Fleet tracking software and driver´s behaviour

Nowadays, fleet tracking software is evolving rapidly into becoming something much more sensitive and intelligent. Focusing on your driver´s behaviour is often the first step to increasing the efficiency and performance ability of your fleet. Fleet tracking software can be adapted to the parameters set by the company. For example, braking, speeding, acceleration and engine idling. As a fleet manager, you can also pay close attention to the routes drivers use and if there is any unauthorised usage of the vehicle. This can not only prevent vehicle theft and dangerous driving, but also improves the reliability of your fleet, knowing that your drivers are driving safety. After analysing the results of your drivers behaviour patterns, you can also implement a reward system for drivers. If a driver succeeds in fulfilling the requirements set by the company and administered by fleet tracking software, there could easily be some form of recognition. Furthermore, it will also be easier to design, manage and implement driver training. This means that you can rest assured in the knowledge that your driver training programmes are entirely useful and are tailored to any problems that may have arisen. This guarantees "the safety of your drivers" and also enhances your company´s reputation as being one of the leading fleets in regard to reliability.


Fleet tracking software and fleet logistics

Thanks to the use of software, you can also implement cost-saving measures, including fuel measuring and maintenance records. Fuel measurement is one of the most successful ways in which you can cut unnecessary costs, monitor driver behaviour and also increase the eco status of your fleet. Fleet tracking software can display how fuel is being used, identify possible wastage and thanks to the possibility of route planning, eliminate the possibility of inefficiency. This quickly improves the profitability of a fleet, in the short and long term.


Maintenance and fuel

With regards to maintenance, fleet tracking software is essential for planning, scheduling and highlighting any potential maintenance. The benefits of this are numerous. “Your fleet becomes more profitable, more efficient and more responsible”. Costs are also saved by fleets being scheduled for maintenance when required and not unnecessarily. Furthermore, fleet tracking software also eliminates the need for personnel to keep detailed records of fleet maintenance. During busy periods, this can often be difficult and mistakes can easily be made. It is also difficult sometimes to stay on track with maintenance. However, using software over manual tracking methods facilitates this process and the fleet increases its roadworthiness. In turn, this increases profitability, customer satisfaction and the potential to fulfil work quotas.


Indeed, thanks to fleet tracking software, the management of a fleet becomes much easier and far more standardised. It is possible to keep track of all fleet movements, driving styles, eco-friendliness and cost. For more information on fleet tracking, please visit Global AVL.