How to prevent theft with vehicle tracking software

How to prevent theft with vehicle tracking software

Vehicle tracking software has enormous capability to enhance the productivity of your fleet. We can also include better fuel management, cost efficiency and increase in safety. However, there is another area equally as important, theft prevention.


Vehicle tracking software and asset protection

Theft is one of the main causes of financial loss in fleets today. However, it can be easily managed and even prevented with the help of vehicle tracking software. A recent investigation claimed that the loss of assets was compounded by poor administration systems, which often confused vehicle identification and records of the fleet. This can make vehicle tracking nearly impossible in the event of theft. Secondary to this, there are often delays in reporting missing vehicles as fleet managers cannot effectively screen the difference between "genuine theft and unauthorised usage". Thanks to vehicle tracking software, this has become a thing of the past.


A fleet manager can effectively track the fleet at any given moment, which allows for the vehicle´s location to be easily shared. Noticing the difference between theft and unauthorised driving becomes very simple. The reports delivered by the system also allow for the police to track the last known whereabouts of the vehicle, in real time. Providing this is not disconnected during the theft, it is also possible to track the vehicle´s movements after it has been stolen. This will mean a speedy recovery with little to no impact on the fleet´s efficiency.


Geofencing, GPS and vehicle tracking software

"Geofencing can improve your fleet management" and is one way to prevent theft easily. Setting a ´fence´ for your vehicle means that it cannot go past those parameters, without alerting the fleet manager to the fact. This not only allows you to manage the use of the vehicle by employees, but it will also alert you if the vehicle moves beyond it´s safe zone. You can even set no-go areas or using Geo-routes to avoid fraud on your drivers. This makes knowledge of a location incredibly easy to find and can help with any possible criminal inquiry. It will also buy you time to notify the police and track the vehicle in the event of a theft.


Vehicle tracking software can also be augmented by GPS. This allows you to see the location of your vehicles at any given time. The technology is so sensitive that nowadays, it can even tell you if the vehicle is idle or moving, and the driving style by which it is being operated. If a vehicle suddenly begins to move erratically with sharp braking, fast acceleration and begins to deviate from it´s route, those in the control center will know about it.


This type of vehicle tracking software works particularly well when a vehicle is being used off-site, although it can protect on-site vehicles too. fleet manager no longer has to worry about "truck fleet security" in areas that they have little control over. Plus, in the event of a criminal prosecution, there is hard evidence downloaded from the vehicle tracking software to be used in the fleet´s favor.


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