How bad driving can make your fleet lose money

How bad driving can make your fleet lose money

We know that dangerous driving can range from severe accidents to simple bad habits that are easy to change. As well as impacting negatively on the safety of the fleet and those around, it can also cost a fleet money. Yet, changing fleet management can make a difference.


Accidents on the road

This is of course the single biggest contributor to money loss in fleets. The leading cause of accidents is distraction. This could be speaking on the phone, checking the internet, tiredness or even listening to the radio. By implementing fleet tracking, fleet management can be revolutionized and you "can increase safety on the roads" of your complet vehicle´s fleet. "Tracking software" eliminates the need for drivers to check routes on mobile devices. The route will be planned and delivered in advance. There is also no need to check in with HQ. Real time information can be uploaded to the GPS system and fleet managers can see exactly where their assets are. Importantly, the software can also track driver behaviour in situ. Identifying bad habits can allow for training to eliminate and resolve issues.


Wasted fuel

Fuel costs are one of the greatest areas of expenditure in any fleet. Fuel wastage is a main preoccupation for fleet management. A fleet can lose up tens of thousands of euros per year on misuse of fuel. It has been estimated that if a driver makes small changes to his style, a fleet can save up to 30% per year on fuel costs. Sharp acceleration, engine idling and time wasting can all add up to lost fuel. Not to mention bad driving habits, like hard braking, on the road. Implementing fleet tracking software can help to focus fleet management and prevent losses.


Unauthorized vehicle use

The topic of unauthorized use is a black hole for fleet’s profits. If a vehicle is involved in an accident ‘off the clock’, the expense can be enormous. And worse, a fleet manager may not even know about it until it is too late. Not to mention, the wasted fuel that the fleet will be paying for if a driver uses a vehicle out of hours. It should not happen in a fleet but it invariably does. However, with GPS tracking, fleet management systems can stay on top of where their vehicle is at all times. This reduces the possibility that drivers will use the vehicles for unauthorized trips.


Poor route planning and failures of fleet management

Not planning the most efficient route to a destination is a real failure of fleet management rather than bad driving. However, it directly contributes to money loss in fleets. Time is wasted on routes that are not the fastest or the most direct. This increases the possibility that a vehicle spends more time on the road, and less time completing tasks. Of course, this is frustrating for drivers too, which may result in "bad driving habits" out of tiredness and dissatisfaction. Thanks to GPS software, this is eliminated and drivers can arrive at their destination quickly, increasing drivers' safely and efficiently. Your assets are protected and so are your profits.


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