How To Pitch Fleet Tracking Software To Your Team

How To Pitch Fleet Tracking Software To Your Team

You have decided to take the plunge and introduce fleet tracking software into your vehicles. The benefits are clear, it will generate profitability for your business and you have opted to bring your fleet into the 21st century. But how to convince your team that this is what you need?


Provide a clear plan of action

It is always worthwhile to brief your employees on the benefits that fleet tracking software can offer. Many might still be in the dark or be clinging to misinformation and stereotypes. Providing them with the perspective that you have as the "fleet manager" will be invaluable. Identify the problem areas that your fleet currently has when you brief the team. This could be excessive idling, dangerous driving, poor route planning and maintenance backlogs. By doing a risk assessment, your employees will be more able to accept this new technology as a means to help them.


Inform your employees of the benefits of fleet tracking software

Now that you have outlined some issues with the fleet, the second course of action is to explain thoroughly how fleet tracking software can benefit the team directly. If drivers are concerned about traffic jams and wasted time explain how the new software can help with real time information. The administrative team may be concerned that they will suffer data drown. Not if you express how fleet tracking software can streamline administration. The best way to do this might be to run a blind trial, where employees are not informed that the new technology is in place. This will allow you to collect data to better enforce your case. However, always focus on the positive and what your team can gain.


Put together some hard facts

This is where you can work together with your team to compile data. By implementing fleet tracking software, you are giving the perfect opportunity to your employees for feedback. This means that if they find that they are being provided with inefficient routes, you can implement changes. Your customer service team may find that they have to deal with a large amount of complaints or grievances about delivery times. By receiving detailed feedback, you can easily calibrate the service your fleet tracking software can provide. This will also help when pitching the idea of using new technology to upper management tiers.


Track the ROI on your fleet tracking software

This is essential if you are to convince your team that using software is the key to business development. ROI analysis will also come in handy for pitching the product to your bosses. Analyse carefully how fleet tracking software will reduce costs. A reduction in costs means that your employees will feel more secure in their jobs. Redirecting the savings into training and "employee reward schemes" will go a long way in increasing job satisfaction. Basing your findings on the results of your fleet tracking software will mean that the highest performing employees can be easily identified.


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