Teltonika FMA110 GPS tracker integration for Asset and Fleet Management tracking

FMA110 GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand geared to Fleet Management or GPS Asset tracking solutions.

Each time an event is generated from any of its inputs, the eltonika FMA110 GPS tacker send a reminder via SMS alerts to a mobile phone or can send the event with hours of service control via GPRS to a real-time Tracking Management Platform. Teltonika also offers for FMA110 GPS an extra accessory that is capable of extracting scheduled reports from Can Bus of the vehicle or mobile asset in which you install the device. The Teltonika FMA110 already belongs to the new generation of GPS devices that has recently launched the Teltonika brand and offers the possibility to configure 4 different scenarios: 1 - Efficient driving by driver make overspeeding, 2 - Remote vehicle immobilizer to prevent theft, 3 - Driver identification using (1-Wire or iButton), 4 - GSM Anti-jamming detection.