Teltonika FMB001 GPS/GNSS/GSM tracker integration with OBDII connection for Fleet Management

Teltonika FMB001 GPS/GNSS/GSM tracker integration with easy install via Plug and Play to vehicle OBDII port and his used for Fleet Management solutions.

The tracker with direct OBDII port connect FMB001 model offers the possibility to configure 5 scenarios for: 1 - over speeding detection and Efficient driving scenario, 2 - trip start and end detection scenario, 3 - GSM Anti-jamming detection scenario, 4 - excessive Idling detection scenario, 5 - towing detection using accelerometer scenario. Though a Tracking Management Platform, you can release the real-time tracking of OBDII Teltonika FMB001 tracker or you can receive SMS alerts in a predefined mobile phone, each time that device generate a new event. Beside of obtain OBDII telematics data, the FMB001 of Teltonika has a 128MB Micro SD memory card (compatible up to 32GB) capable of storage device telematics data when don´t have GPRS connection. When your vehicle or mobile asset losing the external power source, the OBDII Teltonika FMB001 tracker to be capable to work with the integrated 170mAh Li-ion 3,7V backup battery.