Teltonika FMB010 Plug and Play tracker integration OBDII direct connection with Bluetooth

Teltonika FMB010 GPS/GNSS/GSM tracker integration for Fleet Management that be connect via Plug and Play to vehicle OBDII port.

The FMB010 tracker with OBDII connection can send real-time data packet to a Tracking Management Platform or you can program device for sending SMS alerts a predefined mobile phone, each time that the device generates a new event. With the Teltonika FMB010 Plug and Play device you can also make voice calls with a headset or can be connect different externals peripherical, thanks to the Bluetooth V3.0 connectivity. Teltonika offer for the OBDII FMB010 model 5 configuration extra scenarios for: 1 - over speeding detection scenario, 2 - trip start and end detection scenario, 3 - GSM anti-jamming detection scenario, 4 - excessive Idling detection scenario, 5 - towing detection using accelerometer scenario. To don´t lost any data records when the Teltonika FMB010 tracker don´t have GSM connection, has an integrated Micro SD 128MB (supported up to 32GB) memory card capable to save all records and sending it when the device returns to have GSM connection.