Waterproof (IP67) Teltonika FMA202 GPS Asset tracker integration

Waterproof (IP67) Teltonika FMA202 GPS Asset tracker integration, designed primarily for monitoring commercial or personal assets.

FMA202 of Teltonika allows to protect your mobile asset or vehicle with its 5 prevention scenarios for: 1 - Improve Efficient driving by trip start and end route detection, 2 - GSM anti-jamming detection, 3 - Driver identification that enables authorized driving via (1-Wire - iButton), 4 - mobile asset immobilizer function, 5 - over speeding detection to improve Driving behaviour. To maximize all tracking and event-generation features that offers the Teltonika FMA202 Waterproof GPS tracker, is highly recommended that you proceed to hire a Tracking Management Platform via Web; since it is much more profitable than using hundreds of commands via SMS and that are a big expense at the end of the month.