Teltonika FMB962 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management with Bluetooth V3.0

Teltonika FMB962 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management with Bluetooth V3.0 that enables the connection of external peripherals and make voice calls.

Teltonika includes in the firmware of the GPS device FMB962 the possibility to configure 5 preventive scenarios for: 1 - Efficient driving detecting trip start and end, 2 - digital output control through call, 3 - excessive Idling detection, 4 - GSM anti-jamming detection, 5 - Care Driving by over speeding detection. To ensure the safety of your vehicle or mobile asset, Teltonika FMB962 allows you to set up an alert for Driving control, when the GPS tracker detects that a collision occurs, active the alert and you receive the alarm in your mobile phone. If you like profits the maximum functions and don´t lost any record of your FMB962 GPS device of Teltonika, you register the tracker in an online Tracking Management Platform that having integrated this model.