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Teltonika FMB964 GPS tracker integration with Bluetooth V3.0 for Fleet Management

Teltonika FMB964 GPS tracker integration with Bluetooth V3.0 that allows connect external peripherical, make voice calls and his used for Fleet Management.

With FMB964 GPS device of Teltonika you can program up to 5 preventive scenarios for: 1 - increase Efficient driving thanks to trip start and end detection, 2 - digital output control via call, 3 - vehicle or mobile asset excessive Idling detection, 4 - GSM anti-jamming detection, 5 - over speeding detection to improve Driving behaviour. Teltonika FMB964 can detect when your vehicle or mobile asset have a crash accident and sending an alert over Driving control to a predefined mobile phone; with this alarm get able to increase the safety of its fleet. The best way to control in real-time the GPS tracker FMB964 of Teltonika is through an online Tracking Management Platform, from this service you will be able to manage all the data that your device sends without limit of requirements.

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