TOPFLYTECH T8803 Waterproof GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset tracking requirements

TOPFLYTECH T8803 Waterproof GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset tracking requirements. The T8803 GPS device of TOPFLYTECH is ideal to manage the Driving control and detect any unauthorized speed excess generated by the drivers of your assets in their service routes or deliveries tasks and in their automatic vehicle dispatch.

TOPFLYTECH T8803 is also valid to increase the security of your mobile assets, being a "GPS Tracker with Microphone / Speaker" that offer the possibility of release SOS emergency calls or listen around the locator, ideal for their field service management. Another great feature of TT8803 GPS device of TOPFLYTECH is that allow you can configure different SMS alerts to the security in the GPS Asset tracking and every time an event is triggered, you can receive an SMS message in your mobile phone. Using T8803 in our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can manage their efficient driving and control some scheduled reports or you can manage their vehicle preventative maintenance that help you to reduce company cost, in addition you can control their T8803 tracker using our mobile applications for mobile asset tracking or you can use our REST API to connect existing applications. From our tracking platform you can also manage their mobile asset care driving and control their event management without requirement limit or you can manage their field service management depending of your need. If you need reduce costs in SMS messages and making the location of TOPFLYTECH T8803 GPS tracker in real-time with hours of service control or their fuel consumption control, the best solution is that you can register your device within of a Tracking Management Platform always online.