Suntech ST300A GPS Asset Tracker integration with (DPA) Management Pattern Analysis

Suntech ST300A GPS Asset Tracker integration with (DPA) Management Pattern Analysis. Through (DPA) analysis the ST300A GPS device of Suntech controlled the Driving behaviour with scheduled reports of: hard cornering, hard acceleration, hard braking or a complete histogram.

You can increase Mobile Asset control safety if previously set up in your Suntech ST300A GPS tracker virtual geofences (up to 500 service routes points, 50 polygonal geofences, 200 circular geofences) for field service management of your drivers or automatic vehicle dispatch; when mobile asset crossing a predefined geofence you receive a SMS message with the exact Geo Location in the mobile phone. With ST300A GPS device of Suntech you can connect to 3 Temperature Sensors, thanks that 1-Wire interface, make driver identification by iButton or connect different peripherical in his analogue/digital inputs. Using ST300A in our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can manage their vehicle care driving and control their vehicle event management without requirement limit, also you can use our REST API to connect existing applications, Suntech ST300A GPS tracker allow you to configure the following "SMS alerts" for mobile asset safety: (immobilizer, panic button, driving analysis, anti-thief, towing, Jamming); every time that one of these events hi active you receive a SMS message in the mobile phone. If you need real-time hours of service control and fuel consumption control of the mobile asset that have installed ST300A GPS device of Suntech, the more recommended is register ST300A in a Tracking Management Platform always online.