Suntech ST300H GPS Asset Tracker integration with (DPA) Management Pattern Analysis

Suntech ST300H GPS Asset Tracker integration with (DPA) Management Pattern Analysis. ST300H GPS device of Suntech through (DPA) analysis controlled the Driving behaviour with scheduled reports of: harsh corner, harsh braking, harsh acceleration.

With GPS Asset Tracker Suntech ST300H you can receive the exact "Geo Location" of your asset or vehicle through a SMS message, each time that your asset crossing any of preventive geo fence for service routes or deliveries tasks. In addition, ST300H GPS device of Suntech offers the following events to manage the "Driving control" of your mobile assets or their automatic vehicle dispatch: (mobile asset average speed, maximum speed, time of speed over the limit, time of RPM over the limit and time control down the limit). Another important function in Suntech ST300H GPS tracker are the SMS alerts (speed, idle, geo fences, battery error, ON/OFF battery, anti-theft) for the safety of your mobile assets, each time that active an alert you receive a SMS in your mobile phone. If you need real-time location of ST300H GPS device of Suntech with field service management control and fuel consumption control, the best option and more economical is to include your ST300H within a Tracking Management Platform always online that may have European regulations of tachograph and without any requirements limit. Using ST300H in our GPS tracking platform, you can manage their vehicle care driving and control their vehicle event management or also you can use without extra cost our REST API to connect existing applications.