Suntech ST500 GPS Vehicle or Asset Tracker integration with OBDII connection

Suntech ST500 GPS Vehicle or Asset Tracker integration, easy Plug and Play install with direct OBDII connection. ST500 GPS OBDII device of Suntech allows control the Driving behaviour through (DPA) Driving Pattern Analysis system that detect the following scheduled reports: harsh driving, harsh braking, harsh corner in your service routes or deliveries tasks.

For prevention and safety in their automatic vehicle dispatch the Suntech ST500 OBDII tracker can be configured for detect the follow SMS alerts: (ON/OFF battery, battery error, geofences, towing, speed), you receive a SMS message on your mobile phone when one event is active. The best solution for real-time location and hours of service control of ST500 GPS OBDII device of Suntech is register this device within of a Tracking Management Platform always online with field service management control or fuel consumption control and without requirements limit. In addition, reducing costs in vehicle maintenance with Suntech ST500 OBDII tracker you can change any configuration parameter or firmware update with the OTA (Over the Air) function or use an REST API to connect existing applications.