Suntech ST350U UBI & PAYD GPS Tracker integration for Fleet Management and GPS Vehicle Tracking

Suntech ST350U UBI & PAYD GPS Tracker integration for Fleet Management and GPS Vehicle Tracking. You can used ST350U of Suntech with connection to mobile asset battery or you can used become as Standalone GPS device without needed of power source, thanks that have a rechargeable backup Li-Polymer (3.7V - 210mAh) battery.

Receive a SMS message in their mobile phone that include a Google Map link with the exact "Geo Location" of your Suntech ST350U UBI & PAYD GPS Tracker, this function is active sending a SMS command to ST350U tracker. Manage different "Driving behaviours" on your service routes or deliveries tasks and in their automatic vehicle dispatch thanks to (DPA) Driver Pattern Analysis system that detect on ST350U device of Suntech the following functions: harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, driving histogram, crash accident reconstruction. The best solution to hours of service control and fuel consumption control of Suntech ST350U UBI & PAYD GPS Tracker in real-time is register it on a Tracking Management Platform always online and without requirements limit with field service management control.