Queclink GV75W Waterproof GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management

Queclink GV75W Waterproof GPS tracker integration with IP67 protection for Fleet Management. With the (crash detection) function of GV75W GPS device of Queclink, you can manage the Driving control and make crash reconstruction analysis.

Queclink GV75W GPS tracker can sent the exact "Geo Location" to a mobile phone every time that GV75W tracker crossing a predefined geofence (up to 20 internal geofences). GV75W of Queclink can detect the following "Driving behaviour´s": harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering; this function helps you to increase your Fleet Management. Set up different SMS alerts in the Queclink GV75W Waterproof GPS tracker: (special alarm based on digital/analogue inputs, tow detection alarm, device power on alarm, low backup battery alarm, alarm de parking, alarm by geofence), if an alert is activated you receive a SMS message from the Queclink GV75W GPS tracker. If you need to control GV75W of Queclink GPS device in real-time, the best option is that you register GV75W device within a Tracking Management Platform always online and without requirements limit.