Teltonika FMB202 Waterproof GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset Tracking

Teltonika FMB202 Waterproof GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset Tracking. Through Bluetooth connectivity you can change configuration on FMB202 GPS device of Teltonika or connect wireless sensors with the same Bluetooth connectivity.

With the "crash detection" function that has the Teltonika FMB202 GPS tracker you can receive an emergency alarm when detect an accident event on your mobile phone and managing the "Driving control" from the distance. FMB202 GPS device of Teltonika can detect the following driving behaviours on your service routes or deliveries tasks: harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering; with the control of these driving behaviours you can encourage the "Green driving" with your drivers, ideal for improve their automatic vehicle dispatch. Teltonika FMB202 Waterproof GPS tracker can sent reports packet in real-time to a Tracking Management Platform that may have European regulations of tachograph, you manage hours of service control and their fuel consumption control or you can send SMS commands to Teltonika FMB202 for change parameters. Control their event management and manage their mobile asset care driving using FMB202 from our GPS tracking platform, also you can use our REST API to connect existing applications. In our GPS tracking platform, you can also manage some type of scheduled reports depending of your need and you can control their FMB202 tracker using our mobile applications for mobile asset tracking. FMB202 of Teltonika it is also a "GPS Tracker with voice call", you can make voice call to communicate with FMB202 GPS device through Bluetooth connectivity, ideal for field service management control.