Teltonika FMB640 GPS tracker integration with (Can Bus) and RS232 / RS485 ports

Teltonika FMB640 GPS tracker integration with (Can Bus) and RS232 / RS485 ports. Through a Tracking Management Platform always online you can control hours of service of FMB640 GPS device of Teltonika in real-time and manage fuel consumption control, FMB640 accept SMS messages and SMS commands from a mobile phone to configuration change.

With Teltonika FMB640 GPS tracker you can connect some external peripherical through RS232 / RS485 ports: Garmin navigation devices for your field service management control, RFID readers, LLS sensors or RS232/RS485 compatible devices. FMB640 of Teltonika it is also a (GPS Tracker with voice call), you can make voice calls and communicate with FMB640 GPS device through Bluetooth connectivity, ideal for their automatic vehicle dispatch. Controlled the (Driver identification) and avoid the unauthorized driving in your service routes or deliveries tasks with Teltonika FMB640 GPS tracker, thanks to 1-Wire interface or used 1-Wire interface to connect temperature sensors. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity that has FMB640 GPS device of Teltonika, you can connect external devices or change any configuration parameter. Teltonika FMB640 GPS tracker it also has a dual SIM slot and allow to configuration change or firmware update through FOTA function, also FMB640 can be use an REST API to connect existing applications.