Teltonika TSM232 Satellite based GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset Tracking

Teltonika TSM232 Satellite based GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset Tracking. Through RS232 interface you can connect on the TSM232 device some external peripherical and data forwarded of these devices within of Iridium satellite network.

Also, thanks to the RS232 interface that has Teltonika TSM232 Satellite based GPS tracker, you can connect the FMB630 GPS device, you can make device-to-device communication ideal for their automatic vehicle dispatch. TSM232 of Teltonika are transform on a Standalone GPS tracker when detect that principal power source are disconnect in mobile asset or vehicle that you install TSM232 device. The best option to manage the hours of service of  Teltonika TSM232 Satellite Based GPS tracker or their fuel consumption control in real-time is with a Tracking Management Platform always online with field service management control and their vehicle event management. Using TSM232 from our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can manage their mobile asset care driving and control their efficient driving or also can be use our REST API to connect existing applications. In our GPS tracking platform, you can also control their TSM232 tracker from a mobile phone using our mobile applications for mobile asset tracking and you can manage their vehicle preventative maintenance that help you to reduce company cost or you can also control their field service management depending of your need. With TSM232 device of Teltonika is very difficult lost data, when TSM232 detect that don´t coverage on the terrestrial networks, pass to send scheduled reports through Iridium satellite network. Teltonika TSM232 Satellite based GPS tracker is a great alternative for requirements of GPS Asset Tracking in service routes or deliveries tasks or vehicles location that need control of driving habits.