Concox GK310 Standalone GPS tracker integration for GPS Personal Tracking

Concox GK310 Standalone GPS tracker integration with (1500mAh/3.8V) Lithium battery for GPS Personal Tracking. Receive the following SMS alerts from the GK310 GPS device of Concox: (low battery, SIM card replacement, panic button), when an alert is active the GK310 GPS device send a SMS message.

Concox GK310 is a GPS Tracker with Microphone / Speaker ideal for make surrounding of GK310 GPS tracker, to active this function you need to send a text message to the tracker SIM card. With GPS Tracker with voice call Concox GK310 you can make 2-way communications with different predefined phone numbers. The best option for GPS Personal Tracking in real-time using GK310 Standalone GPS device of Concox is that you register the GK310 device in a Tracking Management Platform always online. In addition, through the "Panic button" key of Concox GK310 GPS Personal Tracker you can make S.O.S emergency calls to different mobile phone numbers.