Concox GT03C Standalone GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset Tracking

Concox GT03C Standalone GPS tracker integration with (5000mAh/3.7V) Li-ion battery for GPS Asset Tracking. The (Panic button) key of GT03C GPS device from Concox help to protect your mobile asset through the emergency SMS messages or S.O.S emergency calls.

Concox GT03C it is also a "GPS Tracker with Microphone / Speaker" and if you send a text message to GT03C Standalone GPS tracker you can listen-in the sound around of device in spy mode, ideal for their automatic vehicle dispatch safety. To increase safety in the GPS Asset Tacking, you can setup the following SMS alerts on the GT03C GPS device of Concox: (Anti-theft, geofences, asset movement on service routes or deliveries tasks, asset vibration, S.O.S emergency alarm). Concox GT03C Standalone GPS tracker offer three different modes for the GPS Asset Tracking and hours of service control: through a Tracking Management Platform always online, through smartphone app, through SMS messages. In addition, GT03C of Concox is a Dust - Waterproof GPS device with (IP65) protection in his cover and you can work in field service management with extreme weather conditions, GT03C can be use an REST API to connect existing applications.