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Concox Qbit Standalone GPS tracker integration for GPS Personal Tracking

Concox Qbit Standalone GPS tracker integration with Li-Polymer battery for GPS Personal Tracking. The Qbit GPS device of Concox can sends you the following SMS alerts: (SOS, geofences, low battery), when an alert is activated.

Concox Qbit it is also a "GPS Tracker with Microphone / Speaker", you can make voice monitoring around of Qbit sending a text message or realizes two-way communications. With the "Panic button" that integrates Qbit Standalone GPS device of Concox, the person that make click on the Panic button active the emergency call to a predefined phone number. Concox Qbit GPS Personal Tracker can be located of three different modes, depending of your needs: through a Tracking Management Platform always online, sending SMS text messages or with a smartphone app.

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