CalAmp TTU-720 Standalone GPS tracker integration

CalAmp TTU-720 Standalone GPS tracker integration with 57Ah rechargeable battery. The target market of TTU-720 GPS device of CalAmp is the GPS Container tracking or GPS fleet tracking.

Thanks to the OTA (Over the Air) function, you can upgrade firmware of CalAmp TTU-720 GPS tracker remotely, this function helps to reduce costs on technical services. You can locate and controlled the hours of service the 24 hours a day of the TTU-720 GPS device of CalAmp, if you register TTU-720 device in a Tracking Management Platform always online, also accept SMS messages (mobile phone). CalAmp TTU-720 has a case with (IP67 - Waterproof and dust) certification, thanks to this certification you can work in extreme weather conditions. TTU-720 of CalAmp is a great alternative for requirements of GPS Asset Tracking or GPS Container tracking.