CalAmp LMU-2631 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management

CalAmp LMU-2631 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management. With LMU-2631 GPS device of CalAmp you can make the GPS Asset or vehicle tracking, depending of your needs on the field service management control.

If you connect a "Temperature Sensor" through the 1-Wire interface of CalAmp LMU-2631 GPS tracker, you can control the hours of service temperature of your mobile asset or vehicle. Another advantage in the 1-Wire interface of LMU-2631 GPS device, is that allow manage the "Driver identification" in their automatic vehicle dispatch and you can increase security on you daily Fleet Management. CalAmp LMU-2631 GPS tracker has a triple-axis accelerometer that detect events of "Driving behaviour": (tilt detection, harsh movement detection, impact detection, aggressive driving) that improving your service routes or deliveries tasks. You can locate the LMU-2631 GPS device of CalAmp through mobile phone messages or from a Tracking Management Platform always online and no requirements limit that manage the fuel consumption control and some scheduled reports, in addition that has an REST API to connect existing applications.