Meitrack P99G Waterproof GPS tracker integration for GPS Personal Tracking

Meitrack P99G Waterproof GPS tracker integration for GPS Personal Tracking. When Meitrack P99G lost GPS signal are activate the Wi-Fi connectivity and P99G tracker can fix position through Wi-Fi, this function is ideal for tracking inside of buildings or offices.

The GPS Personal Tracker Meitrack P99G allow to setup the following preventive SMS alerts with scheduled reports of: (panic button alert, geofences alert, man-down alert), you receive the alerts in your mobile phone. With the Meitrack P99G Waterproof GPS tracker you can receive SMS alerts or emergency calls in your mobile phone each time that the person clicks on "Panic button" of Meitrack P99G, ideal for their field service management control or for hteir automatic vehicle dispatch safety. Meitrack P99G can be located with SMS messages or through a Tracking Management Platform always online and no limit of technical requirements with service routes and deliveries tasks control. Meitrack P99G it is also a Standalone GPS tracker with 2000 mAh/3.7V rechargeable battery with estimated leigh (up to 48 hours of service in stand-by mode and 16 hours in movement). You can also use our REST API to connect existing applications with P99G device and control their event management from our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph. If use your P99G for tracking their mobile asset in our GPS platform, you can control their mobile asset care driving and manage their mobile asset efficient driving or you can control their vehicle preventative maintenance that help you to reduce company cost, in addition you can control their manual task registration without any requirement limit and manage their service routes or deliveries tasks depending of your need or control their automatic vehicle dispatch that help you to reduce cost. If you locate their mobile asset with our GPS tracking platform you can also manage the control of driving habits of their drivers and control their P99G tracker using our mobile applications for mobile asset tracking or you can manage the hours of service control of their drivers, in addition you can also manage their mobile asset fuel consumption control without any requirement limit and you can use without extra cost our automatic data sending service to external servers or manage some type of scheduled reports depending of your need.