Meitrack T622 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management compatible with Can Bus

Meitrack T622 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management compatible with Can Bus. You can connect to Meitrack T622 GPS tracker different external peripherical using the interface of RS232 / RS485 port.

Manage the "Driver identification" to avoid the unauthorized driving with the 1-Wire interface of Meitrack T622 Can Bus GPS tracker. Receive alerts in your mobile phone when the triple-axis accelerometer of Meitrack T622 GPS tracker detects the following Driving behaviour´s: (harsh cornering, harsh braking, harsh acceleration). The best solution for locate Meitrack T622 GPS tracker in real-time is using a Tracking Management Platform, T622 also accept and sends SMS messages (data/text). Meitrack T622 is a great solution for telematics Fleet Management, in addition is compatible with Garmin and you can connect different external devices.