Integration Dashboard keypad ERM eFlash SF for Driving behaviour control

Integration Dashboard keypad ERM eFlash SF for control the Driving behaviour. ERM eFlash SF supports up to 500 predefined points of interest (lat/long, heading, speed), you can manage the automatic vehicle dispatch with different service routes and using them in your daily fleet management.

Through the OTA (Over the Air) function, you can change any configuration parameter of ERM Electronic System eFlash SF remotely without need of uninstall the device from the mobile asset or vehicle, reducing costs in vehicle maintenance. The driver can receive different Visual and sound alerts in your mobile phone, when ERM eFlash SF detect: (Areas in/out, radar/camera, panic button, harsh cornering, harsh braking, harsh acceleration). All scheduled repports that send ERM eFlash SF over Efficient Driving or points of interest you can see these events in real-time with hours of service control from a Tracking Management Platform always online. ERM eFlash SF is a great alternative for the Driving control of some drivers that can use your mobile asset or vehicle. To protect your mobile asset or vehicle driver the ERM eFlash SF has a "Panic button" that send SOS alerts to a Tracking Management Platform or to a predefined control centre.