ERM eCom RF identificator integration for GPS Asset Tracking

ERM eCom RF identificator integration for GPS Asset Tracking solutions. You can use ERM eCom RF identificator for GPS tracking and Containers identification such as: (danger material containers, residual containers, trash containers).

ERM eCom of ERM Electronic System it is an excellent solution for Passengers identification such as: (person in bus, children in school transport). With a Tracking Management Platform always online, you can manage the hours of service of all data that sends the ERM eCom RF identificator and dispose of different online telematics reports. The target market of ERM eCom is the Moving objects monitoring, you can monitor and control the ID data in some mobile assets. ERM Electronic System eCom RF identificator need to send ID data to a StarLink TrackerBT GPS tracker and that StarLink TrackerBT can send the information to a predefined monitoring centre or to a Tracking Management Platform.