ERM LCA alarm system integration with Visual and sound alerts

ERM LCA alarm system integration with Visual and sound alerts. You can setup ERM LCA alarm system for that sends SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone each time that are trigger an alarm in ERM LCA.

The ERM LCA alarm system can active a "Anti-theft system" when detect that remote-control lost signal: vehicle engine immobilizer and trigger buzz. From a Tracking Management Platform always online, you can manage all Scheduled Reports that send ERM Electronic System LCA alarm system to service. With ERM LCA alarm system you can protect your vehicle driver configuring previously the "Panic button" alert, when the driver clicks on the Panic button of LCA system send an SOS emergency event to a predefined control centre. You can install ERM Electronic System LCA for that working solitary or you can acquire a GPS tracker of StarLink family to that interact with the ERM LCA alarm system checking if has new Visual and sound alerts. The ERM LCA alarm system is a good alternative such as "Anti-theft system", that help you to increase the safety in the GPS Vehicle Tracking.