Integration ERM eCyber Anti-ransomware solution and Communication Gateway

Integration ERM eCyber is an Anti-ransomware solution and secure Communication Gateway. The ERM Electronic System eCyber Cyber-attacks protector protect your vehicle of any ciber-attack and act such as Communication Gateway blocking the cyber-attacks.

The Anti-ransomware solution ERM eCyber when detect a cyber-attack activate the "Vehicle immobilizer system", ERM eCyber pass to Communication Gateway mode and block the attack for help to that your vehicle can work normally. Every time that the ERM eCyber Anti-ransomware solution detect and register a cyber-attack, can be send the telematics reports data to a Tracking Management Platform always online and you can control in real-time all data that sends ERM eCyber. The ERM Electronic System eCyber Anti-ransomware solution is a great alternative for the cyber-security in the real-time fleet management. ERM eCyber is installed between an external tracker and the vehicle Can Bus, ERM eCyber avoid that a cyber-attack can block your vehicle, or the vehicle Can Bus thanks to Communication Gateway mode that not allow no unauthorized information.