CalAmp SC iOn Tag integration is a Bluetooth multi-sensor for GPS Asset tracking

CalAmp SC iOn Tag integration is a Bluetooth multi-sensor for GPS Asset tracking. The Bluetooth multi-sensor CalAmp SC iOn Tag has 5 internal sensors (Temperature Sensor, Humidity sensor, Shock/drops sensor, Proximity sensor, Vibrations sensor), SC iOn Tag send alerts to a control centre if detect a sensors excess.

The GPS Asset tracking and hours of service control with SC iOn Tag you can managing from an external Tracking Management Platform that may have European regulations of tachograph or use the SCION Command portal that offer CalAmp company, also use an REST API to connect existing applications with SC iOn Tag from the both services and control their event management or manage some scheduled reports. You can work and make the Mobile Asset management control in your field service management with extreme weather conditions, thanks to that the plastic housing of CalAmp SC iOn Tag multi-sensor has "IP65 - Waterproof" protection. CalAmp SC iOn Tag it is also a Standalone GPS with battery capable to offer (up to 9 months or up to 24 months) depending if you acquire the long battery version model. CalAmp SC iOn Tag can be used on different requirements for GPS Asset tracking such as: (GPS Container tracking, pharmaceutic products, automatic vehicle dispatch, fish boxes, service routes or deliveries tasks, etc....). If use SC iOn Tag from our GPS tracking platform, you can manage their mobile asset care driving and control the efficient driving without requirement limit. In our GPS tracking platform, you can also control their SC iOn Tag tracker using our mobile applications for mobile asset tracking and also manage the control of driving habits of their drivers that help you to reduce company cost.