CalAmp MDT-7P Android GPS Tracker integration for commercial Fleet Management

CalAmp MDT-7P is an Android GPS Tracker in Tablet format for commercial Fleet Management. Thanks to integrated high gain GPS receiver the CalAmp MDT-7P Android GPS Tracker, can obtain GPS fix faster and if you control MDT-7P from an online service can see better the positions in the map.

CalAmp MDT-7P is a great alternative for that you improve daily Fleet Management or your field service management and use the CalAmp MDT-7P Android GPS Tracker such as In Vehicle Monitoring System or to control your vehicle driver. You can use any online Tracking Management Platform that have integrated the CalAmp MDT-7P to locate and controlling the hours of service of your driver in their automatic vehicle dispatch or vehicle in your service routes or deliveries tasks, also is possible use MDT-7P with the software that offer CalAmp company, also MDT-7P can be use an REST API to connect existing applications. Through the "Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0" interface you can pair some external peripherical with CalAmp MDT-7P Android GPS Tracker without need that you connect any wire. CalAmp MDT-7P can work up to 5 hours in Standalone GPS mode using the rechargeable backup battery (3,7V/4300mAh) or you can connect MDT-7P Android GPS Tracker to the vehicle power source and the battery charge automatically.