Istartek VT900 GPS Vehicle Tracker integration for Fleet Management

Istartek VT900 GPS Vehicle Tracker integration for Fleet Management. With Istartek VT900 GPS Vehicle Tracker you can manage the (Driving control) of your driver´s and prevent speeding excess setup a preventive alert on the VT900.

Update firmware or parameters of Istartek VT900 GPS Tracker remotely using the OTA (Over the Air) function, using the OTA function you reduce costs in technical services, with VT900 you can also use an REST API to connect existing applications. Receive the following preventive SMS alerts in your mobile phone from the Istartek VT900 GPS Tracker: (GPS blind area in/out alert, power cut alert, low battery alert, movement in service routes or deliveries tasks alert). The Fleet Management in real-time with Istartek VT900 and their automatic vehicle dispatch you can make it from a Tracking Management Platform always online with hours of service control or from a mobile phone sending SMS to VT900. Thanks to RS232 serial port that has integrate Istartek VT900, you can connect: (a fuel sensor, a temperature sensor, a camera, etc...).