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GPS Tracker + Router GPS integration Istartek V518 with Wi-Fi connectivity

GPS Tracker + Router GPS integration Istartek V518 with Wi-Fi connectivity. Istartek V518 help to reduce costs in technical services with the (Cloud Unified Management) function, through this function you can update firmware or change configuration of V518 remotely.

The real-time tracking of Istartek V518 Router GPS is through a Tracking Management Platform always online, a part of send data to a server the V518 Router GPS can create a virtual private network (VPN, VPDN, PPTP Client, L2PT Client). Istartek V518 it is also an IoT GPS Tracker that allow to connect different external peripherical using the internal Wi-Fi network of V518 Router GPS without need to wire connect. Through the Ethernet connectivity (2 RJ45 10/100MB LAN ports) you can manage a WLAN or connect some type of external devices and obtain more telematic data. With Istartek V518 Router GPS you can cover different types of requirements for (GPS Vehicle tracking, telematics fleet management, vending machinery location, control asset in indoor scenarios).

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