Istartek PT23 GPS Watch integration for GPS Personal tracking

Istartek PT23 GPS Watch integration with Beidou/GPS/Wi-Fi fix for GPS Personal tracking. Istartek PT23 is a GPS tracker with voice call and two-way communication with the person that has PT23, the voice call can send to a predefined phone numbers list to protect and safety.

Istartek PT23 GPS Watch also integrate (microphone / speaker) and allow making spy listen-in surrounding of PT23 to kwon in all moment if the person that has PT23 GPS Watch don´t have any emergency. You can locate and controlled the hours of service on the Istartek PT23 GPS Watch in real-time from a smartphone app, sending SMS messages or from a Tracking Management Platform always online and no requirements limit. In emergency case, the person that have Istartek PT23 GPS Watch can click the "Panic button" and PT23 send a SOS emergency alert with the exact GPS position to the predefined phone numbers list saving on PT23 configuration. A great advantage of Istartek PT23 GPS Watch is his (IP67 - Waterproof) protection, you can work in the GPS personal tracking in extreme weather conditions kwon that PT23 GPS Watch continue working all time.