TOPFLYTECH T8608 OBDII GPS tracker integration for GPS Vehicle tracking

TOPFLYTECH T8608 integration is an OBDII tracker for GPS vehicle tracking. With TOPFLYTECH T8608 OBDII tracker you can increase the performance of your vehicle creating up to (60.000 points of interest), thanks to points of interest your drivers can arrived at destination faster.

If the driver of your vehicle feel danger or have an accident in their automatic vehicle dispatch, can click on "Panic button" of TOPFLYTECH T8608 OBDII tracker and active a SOS emergency call that receive the manager of GPS vehicle tracking. Another great advantage of TOPFLYTECH T8608 OBDII tracker is that offer telematics reports over "Green driving", if the vehicle manager analyses these reports of T8608 tracker can improve the vehicle performance and reduce costs in the field service management. The real-time tracking and the hours of service control of TOPFLYTECH T8608 OBDII tracker with their fuel consumption control you can make it from a Tracking Management Platform always online and no requirements limit in the vehicle event management. Manage their vehicle care driving using your T8608 from our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph, also you can use our REST API to connect existing applications and control their vehicle event management without any requirement limit or you can manage different type of scheduled reports depending of your need. With our GPS tracking platform, you can also control their T8608 tracker from a mobile phone using our mobile applications for vehicle tracking and you can control their vehicle eco driving depending of your need or you can manage their vehicle preventative maintenance that help you to reduce company cost, in addition you can manage their vehicle fuel control without any requirement limit and you can use without extra cost our automatic data sending service to external servers or control their manual task registration depending of your need, also you can manage their drivers hours of service control (HoS) that help you to reduce cost and control their service routes - deliveries tasks without any requirement limit or manage their drivers control of driving habits depending of your need. The TOPFLYTECH T8608 OBDII tracker you can upgrade the firmware remotely without need of uninstall T8608 of your vehicle, for this type of upgrade you need to use the OTA (Over the Air) function.