TOPFLYTECH T8803 + E Standalone GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset tracking

TOPFLYTECH T8803 + E Standalone GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset tracking. With the TOPFLYTECH T8803 + E Standalone GPS tracker you can make spy listen-in surrounding of mobile asset, thanks to that T8803 + E it is a GPS Tracker with microphone / speaker.

The mobile asset manager can receive a SOS emergency call: when the driver active "Panic button" key of TOPFLYTECH T8803 + E Standalone GPS tracker if feel any risk or a possible accident in their automatic vehicle dispatch, ideal for your field service management control or for their control of driving habits. TOPFLYTECH T8803 + E has a plastic case with "Waterproof" protection that allow work on the GPS Asset tracking in extreme weather conditions, is a great advantage for that mobile asset manager can feel secure. You can protect your mobile asset using the following SMS alerts that offer TOPFLYTECH T8803 Plus E: (geofence for service routes or deliveries tasks alert, towing alert, vibration alert, over speeding alert, anti-theft alert) and receive them in a mobile phone. The most complete solution to locate and controlled the hours of service in real-time of your TOPFLYTECH T8803 Plus E GPS Asset tracker with their fuel consumption control or manage some scheduled reports is through any Tracking Management Platform always online and that don´t have limit of consults. Using your T8803 + E in our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can manage their mobile asset care driving and control their vehicle event management or also use our REST API to connect existing applications. From our GPS tracking platform, you can also manage their mobile asset efficient driving without requirement limit and you can control their T8803 + E using our mobile applications for mobile asset tracking.